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Does size matter?
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Rodelmabag23 Let me educate you guys. Elastic ang vagina ng mga babae. Kahit gaano pa kalaki ang dick/titi/burat o ano pang tawag nyo dun ay babalik lang yan sa normal nyang shape kaya size doesnt matter.
18-06-02 20:41 Reply
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18-05-03 01:10 Reply
bongz1973 Up81 I think yes big size given lots of pleasure
Nop,like it when is very wet mmm that sound
18-04-24 05:08 Reply
Up81 dark_matter dark_matter xd xd
Why u laf are u not want big size for big fun & pleasure
18-04-21 16:56 Reply
Up81 I think yes big size given lots of pleasure
18-04-21 16:54 Reply
dark_matter dark_matter xd xd
18-04-13 11:30 Reply
bongz1973 Carl_ Sumagot kayo gago
Nop is just a matter how you perfom
18-04-08 02:14 Reply
Carl_ Sumagot kayo gago
18-04-04 18:20 Reply
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