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Site gender problem
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GuyNxt2U Lol even I post on site owner forum it's no use. He not even cared of what problem we having? When site owner only ignoring then what admins can do wahahahaha
18-01-09 18:05 Reply
sability this site is fucked up.i registered as a male yet female bcomes my gender nd no remedy
18-01-05 08:26 Reply
ash44 Why change gender ?? What going here
18-01-05 07:57 Reply
GuyNxt2U Lol I think here mods and admins are doing some bussiness earning pearls and selling them than doing their duties as staff hahaha. They not even cared to reply back what to do except che she's nice and she told me as a moderator she can't change my Gender but only admin can change but admins didn't respond
18-01-05 05:04 Reply
_BLAZING_SNOW_ Nah dont bother.
they dont care.
Nobodys gonna solve this issue.
lets just make new accy coz its easy.
Admin/Mod will just get mad we are complainin and then bann us.
18-01-03 05:41 Reply
_imo_ Looks like admin is ignoring the issue.. Because it requires them to actually HELP...
18-01-02 20:28 Reply
Shroud _imo_ Can sum1 pls get admin or site operators to fix th ...
Yeah me too, cant see the change option.
18-01-01 23:14 Reply
_imo_ Can sum1 pls get admin or site operators to fix the Fucking gender issue! They change gender nd remove option to reset it..WTF!!!
This is bullshit! So if u hve a acc here fr 3-5yrs,suddnly u a woman nd u can't evn fix it,unless make a new Acc??
17-12-30 15:28 Reply
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