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What do you want to ask to our god..
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_______unsung we should keep our conversation private when talking to God Jesus Christ .
18-02-21 17:33 Reply
Castieel Where are you?
18-02-16 19:40 Reply
_BLAZING_SNOW_ Why the hell im in this world in the first place man!
Why im still here... is it also traffic in hell?
Im ready to go so.. do what u gotta need to do..
Please do it now..
thank you
18-02-14 17:40 Reply
kelly654 sana lord tumama nko ng jockpot sa lotto pra may pangpuhunan nko ... Magnenegosyo n lang ako xd -angel-
18-02-13 18:46 Reply
____siva____ Oh My God Please Give me a Nice Girlfriend From Topfun...
17-12-13 13:34 Reply
Huyreaaz my name Amata, i am looking for good relactionship with you, please contact me here ( amataharuni@gmail.com

17-11-22 16:12 Reply
hellio_reonoah Christ
17-11-19 21:35 Reply
Toxoplasma_gondii Who among the thousand gods would it be?
17-10-30 07:04 Reply
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