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Your last letter to your ex bf/gf.
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SerialKiller Dear Ex,

Even if the stars and moon collide, I never want you back into my life. You can take your words and all your lies. I really dont care.
16-01-21 12:15 Reply
marikit75 dear ex,
go to hell and fuck urself there hahaha bastard
16-01-16 09:34 Reply
marikit75 mahal ka rin nun :3
16-01-16 09:33 Reply
Pseudonymous Dear ex,
I still love you.
16-01-14 18:07 Reply
melason30 honey like I do call you,I'm afraid of loosing you..crying!!
16-01-14 14:06 Reply
POMAAA raven_18 dear ex i just wanted you to know if you not leave ...
why do you want to leave ex_
15-12-17 01:18 Reply
raven_18 dear ex i just wanted you to know if you not leave me before ill never find my happiness right now..the one who i know will never easy give up on me..and i want to say thank you for letting me go and leaving me..
15-12-15 21:15 Reply
kristhine *dear ex,

*bket bgla ka na lng nang iwan ng wla dahilan gnyn kb ahh!!minhal kta ng 22o anu gnwa mu niloko mu lng ako!!mkklimutan din kta!!
15-12-15 12:35 Reply
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