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I need help!
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Wallo Barbie217 Help me,i block jude30 but he's still txting ...
Maybe you unblocked him
18-03-11 18:21 Reply
rastahkinky how to get pearls?
18-03-05 15:21 Reply
fair_beauty Why i cant read my private messages?
18-01-20 21:33 Reply
GuyNxt2U Can anyone please post staff members accounts so we can contact them if ever we had any trouble.
17-12-24 18:32 Reply
GuyNxt2U Hello am a male but my gender changed to female. How I can change my gender? Please can some one solve it or can you update the site that my menu option not working
17-12-24 18:14 Reply
MaxVincent Excuse me i am a male but of late my profile says that i am a female how do i undo this??
17-12-23 22:15 Reply
Jamesayo Pls i need money pls
17-12-10 17:46 Reply
Calebsampercy Please how do i access the emoticons on flirtzo
17-10-09 11:35 Reply
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