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Is it possible to have love without trust?
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Victorr #No one to be trusted here.....coz even the one u love dont beliv u love her....so..#no one to be trusted here......we all juss having fun...
18-03-24 12:37 Reply
Mackoy15 Hindi nmn uso n s panahon ngayon mgtiwala...mahirap n.akala m kontento n.malingat k lng saglet ayun nsa iba n pla...kahitna wala k gngwa cya mismo mghhnap ng iba l..kainis dba..kya bkit kailangan p mgtiwala??
18-02-16 07:45 Reply
Pretty836 No u CNT luv a person u don't trust luv goes with trust n other
18-01-11 11:43 Reply
Jiss No.i dnt love whom i cant trust.frst trust dn only luv
17-08-04 08:41 Reply
R_trish big NO
17-08-02 07:16 Reply
Jhag25 Yes
17-07-23 07:48 Reply
summerbelle Yes.
17-07-14 16:12 Reply
Bangsky17 What is important love or sex, just choose only one and state your opinion.
17-06-24 17:32 Reply
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