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An unforgettable lyrics u love...
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0nlym3 I missing you.and its makin me blue yeah,i missing you,,a thousand miles away from u,,i miss ur luv,since uv been gone.....
18-06-09 14:14 Reply
iceen First time I laid my eyes on someone like you
I can't forget the hour, that moment with you
Then I have realized, love is growing deep inside
I feel the beating of my heartπŸ˜™
18-02-12 12:14 Reply
naygendis Bila yg tertulis untuk q adalah yg terbaik untukmu kan kujadikan kau kenangan yg terindah dalam hidup q..... -music-
18-01-28 17:22 Reply
victorr I will have given to u....whish u nooo I wish I could
17-11-19 15:17 Reply
Joan413 i just cant believed your mine..
17-10-11 09:08 Reply
mhigzzy U by light is the greatest find in the world full of wrong ur the thing that's right..
17-10-10 17:59 Reply
raven_18 Why is loving you such a painful thing to do.this feelings for you why i cant stop loving you🎧🎧🎧🎧😭😭😭
17-08-23 23:55 Reply
_______unsung I can't tell you why
17-08-21 19:15 Reply
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