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I'm afraid of??? and why???
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missnumb Snakes and dead animals
18-01-14 23:12 Reply
deelusecious I'm afraid of losing myself.. :(
18-01-04 12:16 Reply
aubrey24 afraif of my self ..bcz i know how crazy n mad i m
17-07-19 15:54 Reply
Carly24 Being inlove. Dnt wanna get hurt
17-06-28 16:56 Reply
_-_-_-_-_- Darkness,rats,snake
17-05-30 18:05 Reply
paunce paunce Evils..Reason For Death
Evil Reason Evil Will Damanged And Kill To Death
17-05-27 00:31 Reply
paunce Evils..Reason For Death
17-05-27 00:30 Reply
heLL_doLL Snake
17-05-26 15:26 Reply
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