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What will you say or do if you caught cheating
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akalamomakakalusotka Tae kakalbuhin ko ung girl hanggangnpekpek nya..
17-10-13 19:11 Reply
Nicks1992 Fk em off lol
17-09-17 18:26 Reply
Zhang_cy At first be calm and talk him nicely, in front of the 3rd party ask him who he loves most,😂😂😂

Accept the fact if you aren't chosen 😂😂😂
17-09-15 08:06 Reply
althea143 putulin si manoy hihi
17-09-11 20:11 Reply
summerbelle Bakit kailangan pa mag cheat kung pwede naman kitang palayain dahil kung kuntento ka sakin hindi ka maghahanap pa ng iba 💔
17-07-14 16:08 Reply
Mics-08 mas masarap sya
17-04-09 14:30 Reply
Bitterman sam091094 Why would I even f*cking cheat when I know it' ...
Sos. Masarap ang bawal xd -peace-
17-03-22 07:08 Reply
sam091094 Why would I even f*cking cheat when I know it's wrong and I could go to jail? We have brains right? Use it once in a while. No, use it often as you can. We aren't stupid right?
17-03-15 05:38 Reply
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