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What are you searching for in a relationship?
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Pretty836 Honesty luv respect care yr humbleness tym
18-01-10 15:07 Reply
Kazboy Cravyness of fun wen spendin tym each otha.
17-11-25 22:11 Reply
llaimeell Honesty trust fun , spending quality tym together , doing crazy stuff together
16-11-01 16:51 Reply
Swers Ship
16-09-10 10:15 Reply
werewolf18 Patient N' understanding
16-03-29 02:47 Reply
Denberlo Faithfulness and sincerity
16-03-13 23:35 Reply
Emmanuel258 Need a hot sex message me
16-03-02 20:37 Reply
Snape The lost diadem of Rowena Ravenclaw
16-03-02 14:59 Reply
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