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Wise sayings.
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missnumb Don't wish for it.. Work for it!
18-01-14 23:10 Reply
sability Do Not Allow Your Background Put Your Back On The Ground
18-01-06 22:44 Reply
_BLAZING_SNOW_ Come with me.. I'll take you to hevaen ;) hahaha
17-12-24 12:47 Reply
sparkling26 never give up... hahahah xd
17-12-06 09:36 Reply
Doclyswid Losers Are People Who Are Afraid Of Losing
17-11-24 13:03 Reply
santo_papi Time is Gold when watching PornπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
17-11-10 18:38 Reply
ZackSakanNgGwapo Are u happy if hurt the feelin of some one else ?
17-10-23 19:47 Reply
monica26 Hello there
17-09-26 19:12 Reply
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