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Does age matters in love?
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Smiley4real Age does not matter at all. My spouse can be older than me with 5yrs yet that does not reduce our love for each other and as long as love is present in our union,we've got to keep going till death do us part. Or can someone tell me where it was commanded by the Almighty God,that its a big sin to do that,be it from the noble Qur'an or Holy Bible? So,there's no big deal with AGE stuff in a relationship!
18-07-07 17:46 Reply
r0ck_is_my_life yes 😁
18-06-16 11:33 Reply
zoms Basoba Age Matters Alot When Choosing Your Lover. A Man C ...
Who tel u dat d Man wil liv long to enjoy his marrital home
17-12-16 21:29 Reply
zoms sparkling26 age is just a number,,, its doesn’t matter for m ...
U right
17-12-16 21:21 Reply
sparkling26 age is just a number,,, its doesn’t matter for me as long as u understand and loving each other....
17-12-06 09:32 Reply
Egovian2 _______unsung age and individual's mentality/maturity plays ...
U re so rite. an adult cn u it hv d mind set of a child
17-11-17 15:35 Reply
siygurl_18 ..A big, big no..
17-11-17 05:37 Reply
Jerry1980 To me age is just a number all is matters is understanding
17-10-05 00:48 Reply
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