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I need luv 2767/349517
What is your favorite horror movies? 64/92625
Serious relationship 273/74674
* Post your favorite songs! :) 1783/306555
What musical instrument u r interested t... 150/93448
Does age matters in love? 306/84219
Your most favorite cartoon show? 157/145176
* Have u ever been in love? 998/167332
* Who is your favourite football player 310/116612
When to let go & to hold on in a rel... 3/823
Song and dedicated to whom???? 337/126960
Songs that my tears falls down 125/90225
What music are you listening right now? 1735/274575
What your fav. song of one direction? 55/55033
Korean pop 110/72501
* Your favorite artist 770/261103
Why did you cheat ur partner 223/118456
What is the magic word that girls like t... 76/58008
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