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* What do you want to ask to our god.. 17/2600
If your given secondlife again,to whom y... 56/72868
What did you want? 46/33760
Flat shoes or high heels 216/111124
Your comfortable attire when you hang-up... 61/90828
What's your favorite korean drama? 103/105925
Favorite emoticons in flirtzo 44/54797
3 words for your 'ex___ ___ ___? 140/63557
I'm afraid of??? and why??? 80/87717
Songs that my tears falls down 123/86002
I need luv 2753/324309
Missing someone 120/32764
Whats ur zodiac sign? 184/95807
What do you hate most? why? 85/38108
What music are you listening right now? 1727/251139
Nagmahal, nasaktan, _________?? 91/18886
Do u believe in "forever" ? 80/39273
What is your nick name 21/5489
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