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What music are you listening right now? 1716/248281
Songs that my tears falls down 122/85177
Your fav. gospel songs 131/80604
Quote of the day!!! 5/563
Dear future gf/bf 311/60133
* Have u ever been in love? 977/151005
Programming world 7/7004
Do u have relationship problem right now... 46/47287
1st cellphone you had? 33/20234
Bitcoin buddies 1/14
3 words for your 'ex___ ___ ___? 138/62625
Does age matters in love? 299/77555
Describe your ideal man or woman 188/66995
What is the magic word that girls like t... 74/55507
I am single. 1167/239607
Would you leave your partner if you foun... 3/148
Handsome bf 19/1863
Do u believe in "forever" ? 79/38771
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