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What musical instrument u r interested t... 143/83987
* Reggae reggae reggae 91/74073
* Post your favorite songs! :) 1745/261107
One night landian. 11/236
Handsome bf 5/207
I am single. 1141/220321
What u follow most???heart or brain 177/64191
* Have u ever been in love? 957/137776
Do u have relationship problem right now... 38/43849
Favorite emoticons in flirtzo 39/49472
I'm afraid of??? and why??? 78/81977
Wise sayings. 179/67231
Sex story vs porn video 1/24
Need a girl from tamil nadu 1/28
Lesbianism. 540/122150
What is your favorite horror movies? 57/84329
What flirtzo couples really means?? 91/66945
Love and sex 30/1250
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