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Who is the best player in your country? 64/78528
John cena or randy orton? 125/92746
Messi and ronaldo who is better? 100/101692
Who is the best player for this season 2/2146
Who will be the world best in 2018 6/4398
Neymar ,, messi ,, c .ronaldo ,, who is ... 2/1539
Which club in epl is currently in form? 63/104427
Which sport is your favourite? 188/109776
* Your favorite football team 608/164983
Read and laugh 127/84142
* What is ur dream car ? 205/115612
Your solution to traffic? 1/432
When to let go & to hold on in a rel... 1/439
Your thoughts on premarital sex? 5/617
Your fevorite bollywood song ? 2/944
Sport news updated 3/1433
Any metalheads here? 76/73663
Who is your favorite cricketer 27/69447
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