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Your most favorite cartoon show? 152/120786
Your favourite comedy movies 4/1995
Names of games u know 54/81921
Did u love table tennis 23/67557
What do you hate most? why? 82/33178
Do u knw..?:wat do u knw dat others dnt 60/66687
What makes you happy? 177/82390
D world's funniest joke. 135/80033
Magic card: know the sum of 3 top cards ... 1/234
An unforgettable lyrics u love... 123/78387
Looking for friends 240/82045
Can any1 answer a simple gist? 180/60703
Neymar ,, messi ,, c .ronaldo ,, who is ... 1/221
Who loves taylor swift? 95/58711
Who can drible most in eden hazard and d... 21/54790
Any metalheads here? 75/70154
Who is your favourite coach 85/90160
Who will be the world best in 2018 5/2100
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