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A moment that you never forget? 98/67971
Do u believe in "forever" ? 75/35791
M0stly reasons of break up.. 205/61536
3 words for your 'ex___ ___ ___? 137/56724
Dear future gf/bf 304/54808
Am looking for a girlfriend 2/739
Ldr relationship 1/70
Does age matters in love? 298/72426
Do you believes in internet love? 409/82194
Do u need to make revenge to the person ... 50/34134
Long distance relationship 5/955
Describe your ideal man or woman 187/62845
How will you make someone fall for you? 159/60197
Is it wrong to fall inlove with bestfrie... 37/21744
Marriage..looking for serious woman to m... 4/1754
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