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Missing someone 119/32247
Whats ur zodiac sign? 183/94996
Dear diary 15/3263
Looking for friends 246/86292
Write ur bible verse here 54/62486
topfun 2008 old members 202/49766
Post your favourite car 11/3795
What is/are the twist of your username?? 110/87631
Do u knw..?:wat do u knw dat others dnt 60/70734
Worst feeling: 73/15981
Bestsfrnd:who wants a bestfrnd 86/58154
Shear a word for today> 59/70625
If your given secondlife again,to whom y... 55/72616
What dream did you had last night? 148/92866
Prophetical words of the day 16/23433
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