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If engaging to a relationship does makes you happy then there should not be sad endings in one's lovestory anymore. Only those who understands unconditional love,those who think that love should not "me first" but it's about giving and not thinking of one's self needs are the one who are capable of handling love relationships longer.
Why most relationships fail?.it is because the two parties have its own demand upon each other,and if the demands are not met,it certainly does not satisfy the both of them,since each has it's own need and each has been under misconceptions that relationship is a place where true love,just hapiness and no despair is felt. If and only people knows and understands to love unconditionally,then true hapiness would not be easy to attain.It is only through giving that we find true happiness.Man live and crave for hapiness. Sad to say you wont be able to experience what true hapiness means in relationship,since what you think is only yourself,and you are not generous enough to give ur all in all to the one you truly love.
18-09-14 18:27:59 | by menthoraidas
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sability I Love Dis
18-09-15 01:16:41
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