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Umasa ka din ba?
Naranasan mo na bang mainlove sa isang tao, then sa daloy ng relasyon niyo as friends, na Hoping ka na Mahal at gusto ka nya? Then after a few months you'll realize na hanggang dun lang pala kayo?
18-06-12 09:17:21 | by yhello
Sinong may alam Kung saan ang daan Patungo sa kanyang isipan . Sa isang halik niya lang Ako ay pumupunta Sa mundo na kanyang pininturahan . Sino ka ba? Ano ang iyong lihim? Papaano kita mapapaibig? Mapapasakin? . Lahat ng kulay niya Sa...
18-05-14 05:57:26 | by oel_
Kundiman chords
[Verse] C G Para kang asukal Am F sintamis mong magmahal C G para kang pintura Am F buhay koy ikaw ang nagpinta C G para kang unan Am F pinap...
18-05-18 08:57:02 | by oneokrock
My all time best m...
No tears left to cry by Ariana Grande right now am in a state of mind, i wanna be in like all the time, ain't got no tears left to cry, so i'm picking it up, i'm picking it up i'm loving, i'm living,i'm pi...
18-05-22 10:34:18 | by gellus
Script and bookeep...
When we mean to script we don't say that pen or pencile we want to explain like that research peper historical peper, event managing peper, etc to write such script you may not need time but using the brain with condition you are ...
18-06-07 00:02:35 | by AnwarNuroHassen
Ghana National Lot...
Development Through Game Is Good Contact For Your Registration To Join My Leak Lotto Winning Team 0270547293 0270547293 0270547293 We Deliever Genuine Lotto Numbers And The Numbers Are Very Assured Of Winning. Contact Me On Facebook @ ...
18-06-09 22:09:51 | by RichmondOsei
Means of Love!
It was complex to explain how the love comes to the event in the way of family language. When I want to describe the way of love intermes of time place and condition as well as the tense it was holdes more than thousend books that to b...
18-05-17 21:37:37 | by AnwarNuroHassen
I found a love for me oh darling,
just dive right in and
follow my
well i found a girl
beautiful and sweet
oh i never knew you
were the someone
waiting for me...
18-04-18 10:29:56 | by Prince_abf
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