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Alipungang renzren...
Hoy alipunga! kung tigang na tigang kana wag sa couple ko! kati kati ng lahi mo eh hahaha ba't nablock? naduwag kaba? haha taka ka! ra ulo kang hype ka! haha manyak mo eh! kitang kita sa mukha! mukha kang kepyas na binudburan ng a...
18-05-21 19:34:53 | by Erick_Luke
I passed the interview in Manila Hotel, this is really unexpected!!! 😭😭 Thank you so much Lord β˜ΊπŸ’– Hindi ko talaga akalain na ma hi-hire ako ang daming sumubok, pang 256 pa ako out of 800 + ata na applicants sobrang kabado pa...
18-05-21 15:51:54 | by Luhanie
"SEX AT KULANGOT" Anak: Ma, bakit po maraming nasasarapan sa sex? Mama: Dahil sa kiliti o sensation, katulad ng nararamdaman mo kapag nangungulangot ka. Anak: Bakit naman po mas nasasarapan ang babae kesa sa lalaki sa sex? ...
18-05-21 12:11:57 | by jjjustine2626
Tagpuan Chords
STRUMMING There is no strumming pattern for this song yet. Create and get +5 IQ Bm7 E A D G B E 1 of 20 [Chords] Bm7 020233 Am7 x02013 [Intro] G Bm7 C9 (2x) [Verse 1] G Bm7 Di, di ko inakalang C9 G Darating d...
18-05-21 07:58:42 | by oneokrock
just for fun
A guy believed his wife cheating on him, So he hired a private investigator, The cheapest he could find was a chinese man, This is the chinese pie man report: what he found.. Most honorable Sir, You leave the hous...
18-05-21 02:53:21 | by aloha06
There’s something about the look in your eyes Something I noticed when the light was just right It reminded me twice that I was alive And it reminded me that you’re so worth the fight My biggest fear will be the rescue of me Strang...
18-05-21 02:43:20 | by ___jetzivxx
I don't know if there still some people who suffers in a normal break-up for a very long time.. ..like, your just wasting so much time....if you ask me. And your pretty immature too. And its the same too if you get friendz...
18-05-20 18:02:37 | by bee_hive00
Oh...boring na ata...
BASED ON MY RESEARCH.. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Teenagers girls range to 18+ years old, and there is a possibility to reach 22 years old have a higher percentage of having the same response to this famous question: "Does size matters...
18-05-20 17:38:30 | by bee_hive00
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