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Art of letting go
'and f u have 2 leave..i wish ...dat u would juz leave..'Yan nman ang ixang line na ngGaling xa xuper gandang kanta na MY IMMORTAL,oo nga nmn,bkt nga va gnun?bkt kpg nwwla ang ixang tao n mhlga xau ndi pwdeng ndi ka mxa2ktan?...
13-08-12 18:37:07 | by Precious_heart
Let go. .
uhmmm..mhrap i-explain un db? okei fine,alam q aman n ndi lht ng tao eh senti,peo d aq nni2wla mwa ndi lht ng tao eh nhi2rpan na mag paalam sa isang bgay o tao na mxado nyang pnhlgahan Let go..alam nyo mnxan nkakainis na icpn qng bkt q...
13-08-12 17:48:40 | by Precious_heart
i mIss U
I miSs yOu sO mUch I wOuLd RatHer dIe. I Don'T knOw wHat tO dO, I jUst cAnT Lie. I RealLy wAnt tO hUg yOu aNd kiSs yOu RighT nOw. I RealLy wish I cAn dO iT sOmeHow. I hOpe yOu FeeL tHat I RealLy LovE yOu. I wiSh yOu LovE...
13-08-12 16:19:24 | by HelLgHuRL
nalko ng pag ibig
Kung niloloko ka.- Nakakabilib ka! Kasi naging totoo ka.- Kahanga hanga ka kasi tapat ka.- Idolo kita kasi sya naghanap ng iba pero ikaw kuntento na sa kanya.- Saludo ako sayo kasi totoongnagmamahal ka kahit ginagago ka n...
13-08-12 15:52:58 | by _aizerkhen_
Let's face it; sex can be messy. All kinds of awkward things can happen when you're getting hot and bothered. Farting and other bodily noises resulting from vigorous activity where air is being compressed in unusual ways can...
13-08-12 15:43:45 | by rowena26
5 deadly terms
5 Deadly Terms Used By a Woman: 1) “Fine” – This is theword women use to end an argument when she knows she is right and you need to shut up. 2) “Nothing” – means“Something” and you need to be worried. 3) “Go Ahead...
13-08-12 15:38:23 | by _aizerkhen_
This technique comes from actually having non-sexual intimate relationships for a while. When I say self-love, I mean self-love physically. Physical dependence in relationships, although somewhat natural, is not always healthy in my o...
13-08-12 15:20:08 | by rowena26
There comes a point in life when fun no longer means clubbing, drinking or being out till 4am, or thinking aboutyourself! Fun means Disney movies, family dinners, bedtime stories, long cuddles, a messy house, sleeping by 10pm and heari...
13-08-12 15:03:20 | by _aizerkhen_
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