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PWET for my L.O.V....
I can feel the pain that you are trying to hide Don't think that you can fool me by smiling so wide You're trying to forget the times when you were together Now I can feel how you hate the word forever Just give me sometime t...
18-01-12 01:45:52 | by tear_here24
Ibat-ibang klase n...
Ibat-ibang klase ng Tang ina: Happy: Tangina HAHAHA Scared: Potanginaaaaa! Excited: Yes! Tanginaaaa! Angry : tanginaaaaa ka! Sad : Tangina huhuhu. Bored : Tanginaaaa kaumay. Greeting : Uy, tangina! Kamusta ka? Shocked : Tangina hala! B...
18-01-09 16:03:05 | by tear_here24
Happy Monthsary
You are my princess I am your prince You are mine And I am yours, forever It has been a year and months now, so many trials and challenges but, I told you that I love you dearly And I want you to be mine Without a word I said it Withou...
17-12-24 01:18:55 | by tear_here24
So Inlove with You
As I sit and watch the moon I think about of seeing you soon I can imagine the smile on your face Whenever I give you that warm embrace You know how much I love you and I'm badly missing you too Oh, I think this must be true love ...
17-12-23 15:25:12 | by tear_here24
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