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Be a Detective..
2 friends happen to witness a murder thats been comitted in a department store not far from their home. Mary is 27 and Single. She works in a barbershop. Stacy is 30 Shes a librarian also Single, she lives alone with her ...
18-03-11 08:05:37 | by bee_hive00
Blog title
RICH PEOPLE ARE FUCKING RACIST..!! ((Not all of them, but MAJORITY OF THEM!!)) On what? ON THE SKIN COLOR!!!!!! U know what!? Kapag hindi ka maputi or ndi ka kasing-puti nila, theyr'e gonna give u a distinctive look......
18-03-10 05:25:07 | by bee_hive00
Alam mu ung mga na...
]Ung ndi ka pa naman kilala, taz icha-chat mu, magrereply na ndi manlang nagview sa profile mu kung cnu ka ba.. ]Ung magrereply ng one word lang.. ]Ung view ng view nga sa profile mu, ndi naman nagrereply. Walang kwentang notif...
18-03-07 16:12:33 | by bee_hive00
Maguupload kaya..? 😮 Hahaha!! Just get used on playing horror games! When youre not scared anymore, you will get addicted to them!!!!! FuckingwantSomeMOREGAMEZZZZZ!!!!!!! 😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬...
18-02-07 04:58:40 | by bee_hive00
Cough! Cough!! ...
Di ko alam kung nagbabasa pa kau ng blog but....anyway.. Na-turn-off ako ng sobra sa PGT (pinoy got talent) nung may nagperform na vape artist na gumagawa ng tricks na smoke gamit ung vape. Kc tuwang-tuwa ung mga judges and they a...
18-01-21 17:45:18 | by Bee_hive00
Shit..!!!! Ang mahal ng bwisit na 'School: White Day' na yan.. (pero pinurchase ko paren.....) Astig ung gameplay though...tsaka nung may umungol ng ghost, napipindot ko ung home ang bwisit!! Fuckingscaryshit!!!! For pe...
18-01-11 22:45:32 | by Bee_hive00
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