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Throughout our lives, we are all in search for that something or someone. We want the best; we want the perfect the most amazing friends you could ever find, the best job in the world, and the perfect someone to love. We spend months ...
18-09-22 12:01:21 | by Blackladyoffantasies
Another sigh..
One of the most annoying mindset of most people.. "Discriminate others so they feel like they are better than them." Instead of teaching other people What Is The Right Thing To Do......they just discriminate them an...
18-09-22 09:15:04 | by bee_hive00
Dear crush
Dear crush.... Makita lang kita akoy napapasaya Hindi ko alam aking nadarama Parang kinukuryente ako mula ulo hanggang paa Dahil sa ganda ng karisma Mong nagbibigay sakin ng saya Mula gabi hanggang umaga... Kaya sanay ako nalang Ang ma...
18-09-22 09:11:06 | by pancha
Mga kaibigan
Mga kaibigan muka atang dumami ang poser Pano na un mga lover Hindi na sila ma li linger Dahil may kasintahan ng layer... Bakit ayaw nyo magpakilala Ng mga tunay na itsura Wala naman panget na tao ha? Bakit kailangan mong kumuha ng pit...
18-09-22 09:03:25 | by pancha
How love set itsel...
We live in an age where lust is the order of the day. I once heard someone say, “If you remove sex from the relationship, there is nothing left.” Therefore, with all these confusing signals and the crap movies and romance novels te...
18-09-22 00:20:31 | by Babateedot
.. he longed for her she burned for him theirs was an impossible love hearts want what they do determined to find a way she, the flame of love he, wet with desires of passion steam rose whenever they touched each giving a bit to the ot...
18-09-21 20:55:33 | by Mersybea
Basket Full of Hap...
My mother spread gracefully, She brought a basket full of happiness Strips linen of red stripes underneth the basket, a table clothes. Pan de coco,tsokolate bars,crumbs swayed by winds. I remember the scent of daing. While chewing we c...
18-09-21 14:42:07 | by menthoraidas
Showing respect for others is one of the most important values in the world. It means showing care for another person or thing, like the environment. Without respect, everything around you would be less peaceful. There would be more wa...
18-09-21 07:32:33 | by Suchalovelyroses
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