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Pinoy jokes.
Pinoy Best Tagalog Quotes at Jokes - (May pang status ka na!)shared Batang Yagit's status update. Batang Yagit INGATAN mo yung taong laging nandyan para syo, yung laging iniisip ka, yung laging minamahal ka. Kasi kapag yan nawa...
13-08-26 14:46:33 | by Angelskie
Gf: San ka punta? Aalis ka babe? Bf: Oo, Sa bar, inom lang beer kasama tropa Gf: Eto beer oh, Bf:Gusto ko sa bar, malamig. Gf: Meron d2 ice babe. Bf: Pero masarap ang pulutan sa bar Gf: Eto nagluto ako, Bf: Sa bar may konting biruan, m...
13-08-26 14:09:46 | by shengkaizz
for u...
cuz when one day ul wake up and find tat ur missin me and ur heart starts to wonder wer on this earth i cud be thinkin maybe ul get back into the place that we meet and ul see me waiting for u at the corner of flirtzo., ^-^
13-08-26 10:22:13 | by jellymonster
Dalawahn mho:)
Misis: Walanghiya ka! Bakla ka pala…! Baklaaaa!!!!!! Diyanka na nga!!!…
Mister: Darling, saan ka pupunta?
Misis: Maghahanap ako ng tunay na lalake!!!
Mister: Dalawahin moh hah!Tig-isa…
13-08-26 09:06:04 | by Angelskie
A CuTe n' Str...
There was a little boy" whose 1st love was a young girl in a picture which he found and picked from the street... As time went by he got married, But still kept it. One day,his wife found it and asked, "Where did u get thi...
13-08-26 09:05:00 | by arjayyy
Love story
Our love story started long before Matthew and I ever actually met. And when you think about it, most love stories start that way. Every moment leading up tothe one in which you meet your future husband or wife somehowshapes you and pr...
13-08-26 08:55:26 | by Angelskie
my heart is always...
There was a girl and a boy. girl proposed the boy and boy agreed..... girl always used to say that my heart is not mine its always with you.... & I am living without heart...... ... after few month girl said that i cant marry you b...
13-08-26 08:50:49 | by arjayyy
Knock knock
juan: knock knock..
pedro: hus der???
juan: pa-autoload naman , how much magkano…
pedro: pa-autoload naman,how much magkano hu??
juan: nothings gonna changes my love for you.. pa autoload naman how much magkanu
13-08-26 08:46:48 | by Angelskie
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