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Every one these wonderful site is
Lets keep it that way
Now lets play A game that will hurt your brains out
No K.Js allowed (^_^)
A special prize will be given {~_^}
18-09-25 08:12:29 | by _BLAZING_SNOW_
Bigger Doesn'...
The heart can do things and see things that our minds and eyes can't do. Life isn't always about having the best of everything to get to where you are going. Sometimes taking action starts with faith the size of the mustard s...
18-09-25 03:22:31 | by LOVELYFLOWERSBLOSSOM
how wud u feel???
U r d1 girl..and u know that its true I feelin younger..everytym that im alone wid you We were sittin in d park car Stealin kisses in d front yard We got question we shud not ask But.. How wud u feel If i told u im inlove wid u Its jus...
18-09-24 23:33:42 | by d_one09
His Mistress Versu...
SI Crush. Hindi sana ako dadalo sa kasal nila, pero may sinabi sa akin yung classmate ko na medyo nakatulong sa akin to change my mind. At sya si, Roji, yung classmate ko at the same time, crush ko. Nasa school corridor ako non. Nagbab...
18-09-24 14:37:22 | by tuxidomask
His Mistress Versu...
After naming kumain nagyaya na agad akong umuwi. Ayoko ng magtagal pa dito para lang makinig sa kwentuhan ng dalawa, at lalong ayokong makita pa ang paghaharutan nila sa pamamagitan ng malagkit na tinginan. Ngayon sigurado na ako na ma...
18-09-24 14:20:46 | by tuxidomask
His Mistress Versu...
The Dinner. Noong una hindi ko pinapansin ang pangakong iyon, masyado pa kasing masakit sa akin ang nangyari. Para sa akin kasi, ang pangako ay parang pagsasalita ng tapos ng isang taong hindi naman alam kung ano ang susunod na mangyay...
18-09-24 14:14:39 | by tuxidomask
How your anger to ...
How many times have you experienced an intense feeling of anger after witnessing an injustice, maybe against a child, a man, or a fellow woman? How many times have you seen another person being treated unfairly and that somehow ignited...
18-09-24 13:04:21 | by Babateedot

:) Open Minded Ka Ba :)
:) :) :) Come On Dont Be Shy :) :) :)
:D Just Post Whats On Your Mind :D
Lahat ng mag participate may mapapanalunang premyo :)
18-09-24 11:13:09 | by _BLAZING_SNOW_
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