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If the Road is Beautiful then, worry the Destination But if the Destination is Beautiful, then Don't worry about the Road! We always fell that God is Never Comes on time When we Call Him……… But the truth is~ "HE IS A...
13-08-08 14:51:51 | by sky35
the purpose of a r...
. .do not be possessive. .the purpose of a relationship is to compliment each other. .grow together, and achieve your common goals as a couple. .at the same time, you must each maintain your individual identity as a human being. . :)
13-08-08 13:12:57 | by apple_pie
Sa likod ng saya..
. Minsan ang ibang tao pag tinitignan mo mukhang masayahin,pag nakakasama mo kalog,pag naging kaibigan mo gusto laging masaya.. Pero ang ndi mo alam pag mag isa lng din yun napapagod din xia sa ikot ng mundo at kaya lng din nakakayana...
13-08-08 09:58:53 | by Ianyan
wagas at totoo hin...

Relationship is a matter of REAL LOVE, RESPECT, LOYALTY, and TRUST.
Hindi Plastik, Pilit, Kunwari, at hindi man kayo perpekto basta alam niyo ung apat na sinabi ko at least BUO kayo at KUMPLETO.
13-08-08 09:45:16 | by parkha
don't you ever REGRET knowing someone in your life. GOOD people will give you HAPPINESS. BAD people will give you EXPERIENCE. while the WORST people will giveyou a lesson. and the BEST people will always give you memories....
13-08-08 09:34:44 | by parkha
Hi, JC De Vera! &l...
JC De Vera (John Carlo De Vera) is my long time celebrity crush.. <3 Whenever I saw him sa showtime I always get goosebumps. Bakeeeett?! Di ko din alam eh. Basta ang alam ko I'm really really attracted to him. Maybe because of ...
13-08-08 09:25:13 | by kittiekat
My passion. My lif...
The love of biking is in my heart. Which spreads to the blood i bleed. The passion of biking is in my skin. Which i shed when i sweat. The eagerness to crank the pedals is always my determination. Which i do thru rain or shine. The nev...
13-08-08 08:54:18 | by Ghostlead_13
Am looking for...
I have been in search of true soul,one that makes me keep smiling.i have been looking for someone who makes me think positive in life.i want to be thinking about her every moment am in shit. if i get such human lady/chic my heart go...
13-08-08 08:22:15 | by eliackim
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