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Victim of the past...
Don't look into the past don't look for things that gone don't try to change things you've done don't be a victim of the past. I know it last you can't live your life living underground closing your ears t...
18-07-16 19:37:54 | by Acuminata_
Is she Flirting: # If she gazes in your eyes with interest and if you see her pupils widened. # If you see her blushing # If she raises or lowers the level of her voice, to match up with yours. # If she strokes her chin or feels her ch...
18-07-16 05:02:21 | by Ash44
Free VPN Website
Free BraveryVpn Fast Internet Server Android Apps Device Only 👍Globe And Tm Only 👍Globe Switch 👍EasySurf50 👍=========Promos Needed============ TM-HIGHACTIVE30 to 8080 7days expiry 500mb per day 👉"apps located at upp...
18-07-15 21:14:26 | by flaw
.. he longed for her she burned for him theirs was an impossible love hearts want what they do determined to find a way she, the flame of love he, wet with desires of passion steam rose whenever they touched each giving a bit to the ot...
18-07-15 18:24:04 | by Mersybea
learn to be kind t...
People speak about self-love a lot and some mistaken it for just buying things for yourself, yes that’s a part of it but being kind to yourself is a lot deeper than that. Being kind to yourself means not beating up yourself for your ...
18-07-15 15:08:27 | by Babateedot
More than ever
It's how you used to say I love you and I miss you It's how you pretend to love me then That kept me thinkin' of the things we've done before Now is it too late to turn back anymore . I used to say I love you I used...
18-07-15 11:53:42 | by oel_
Just a bit of me *...
.. seems the day has not yet decided the sun hides behind the clouds the breeze is gentle but cold it's a melancholy feeling lingering unsure of things to come opening myself for your scrutiny throwing everything out on the table ...
18-07-15 11:52:37 | by Mersybea
Di Makatulog
Heto na naman ang pusong gising na gising Sabik sa mga yakap mong kay lambing Umaga na pala pero walang pakialam Kausap ka penge pa ng sandali . Minsan lang ako magkaganito Puso kong umidlip ginising mo . Heto na naman lumusong ang pus...
18-07-15 11:29:51 | by oel_
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