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Its joke time
TEACHER: Anong mangyayari pag puputulin ang 1 mong tenga?
BOY: hihina po pandinig ko.
TEACHER: e kung dalawang tenga?
BOY: lalabo po paningin ko!
TEACHER: baket naman?
BOY: malalaglag po salamin ko.
18-08-18 02:46:46 | by Silverskinxijun
When you post half- naked pictures of yourself here in mbzzy, Facebook or on other sites, doing a sexy pose, or showing us your boobs or lying seductively on your bed. The only thing you are doing is making them feel lust about you. I ...
18-08-18 02:21:35 | by Bloom
The difference bet...
When it's over for a girl, it's hard at first, but it gets easier later on for her. At first, she'll be devastated. There will be many days she'll text him and show him that she wants to get back together. There wil...
18-08-18 02:09:55 | by Bloom
Are u w/the wrong ...
To the wrong man, you're the girl who's annoying because you get mad at every little thing, but to the right man, you're the girl who has a right to be mad and he'll learn not to do the things that upset you anymore...
18-08-18 02:02:54 | by Bloom
Dont be a guy who ...
You stopped choosing her, and she can feel it. You don't think she knows, but she does. You don't think she could tell? How could she not know? How could she not notice that you're more detached now? How could she not no...
18-08-18 01:55:21 | by Bloom
free webhosting
philwebsite.cf/signup.php To use your own domain You may not find the email confirmation in your inbox, so please check your Spam inbox. To use your own domain If you want to use your own domain name from third parties (free or premium...
18-08-18 01:50:27 | by flaw
It is your fault a...
You complain that she's crazy, but that's only because you drive her crazy. You complain that she has trust issues, but that's only because you've caused too many issues for her to trust you. You complain that she c...
18-08-18 01:47:47 | by Bloom
Earn while online
Easy lng just visit this site >>>
Then use my referral code q3Fz=626919 when you register, If may tanong kau just msg me and Ill gladly help... ^^
18-08-18 00:02:31 | by ricomambo
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