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In Girl Dream
Every Girls Dream.. 1.Getting Kissed In The Pouring Rain. 2.Have The Hot Kiss Where You're Pressed Against The Wall. 3.Have The Guy That Thinks You Are The World. 4.Have A Good Guy That Holds On As Long As Possible When Giving Hug...
13-09-22 13:03:59 | by Tony1990
These fairy autumns,the real glimpse of nature. We see a unique thing,charming everyone,everywhere. Coldest winds are blowing, 0 ! The sky is fresh n clear. The birds r chirping in sun, say -really spring is near. The leaflets r shinin...
13-09-22 10:34:04 | by _iii-__prince__-iii_
I Love You Goodbye
GIRl: I miss you. BOy: And so? GIRl: I really did. BOy: oK. GIRl: I’m sorry. BOy: What for? GIRl: For ignoring your efforts to communicate with me. BOy: Its OK. I got used to it, then. I got tired, so I stopped trying and started fo...
13-09-22 10:31:53 | by crying_lady
ang pg-ibg prang CHEWING GUM lng yan pg wla ng lasa iluluwa na, prang BANANAQUE na pg ubos na ang saging ita2pon na ung stick, prang SAMPAGUITA na pg wla nang bango pwd nang palitan, prang SASAKYAN na pg wla nang gas kusa nlng it0ng hi...
13-09-22 08:22:02 | by robilorenzo
About a Guy
10 things a girl probably doesn't know about a guy 1. Guys are more emotional then they think, if they loved them truly. 2. Guys may be flirting around all day but before they go to sleep, they always think about the girl they tr...
13-09-22 06:00:01 | by crying_lady
Walking backward.!...
Everyday Francey went to the cemetery in her village to water the flowers on the grave of her deceased husband enzo. When she was finished she always walked backward. when leaving the grave. One day, her friend Bianca asked, '&#...
13-09-22 03:59:44 | by sweetheart06
S T E E P ( by; n...
Softly ,gently i wil let u down coz i dnt lov u n d same way now i cn hold u but not with overS arms coz u r mur of a brother 2 me now coz i cAn lie next 2 u but i cant lie 2 u so walK in 2 d sun and watch me ,run in 2 d ...
13-09-21 23:47:03 | by Luchie
adnan's 1 of ...
Roshni kahan meri roshni kahan Mehek kahan meri mehek kahan Bolo Roya darling Roya Meri Roya darling Roya Thak gaee tik tik karti ye ghadi Aansuon ki tip tip say umeedein bhari Bolo Roya darling Roya Kahan ho Meri darling Roya Wada kar...
13-09-21 20:12:29 | by sam219033
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