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love of my life
oh, love of my life destined forever i will be right here by your side no falling tears when we're together you know the joy you bring to me. never, there'll be no other we'll share as lovers right from the heart from my...
17-10-18 04:26:28 | by meljomz
Here is my story I've got my type Tattoos and skinny jeans Black boots and piercings A public enemy (Hey-ay-ay) Not Cinderella Still got my shoes I like the animal The supernatural Maybe I'm crazy but If you were Dracula (Hey...
17-10-18 03:54:14 | by Josuel
What reliogen it M...
When I want to talk about reliogen it was tooks from my self ample time and space to write and talke but I want to explaine it in a smple wordes like that of "innallaha layukayyiru maabekoommin hattaa laayukkayiru maa bi anfusihim...
17-10-18 03:00:55 | by AnwarNuroHassen
Mean Alshiny!
Managaager baanichil inkaan yaraasachin kuankaa silaallan alichannakim mikniyaatum irsi baraasaachin mal'ikti talawaawxanaal silazih yanee fikir afakrishaallaw kalibbe kamaannim asballiche. By Anwar Nuro Hassen
17-10-17 17:28:36 | by AnwarNuroHassen
After school I always had to work It kinda left me feeling like a jerk Cause I never got to talk to the guy I liked And that ain't right And then he met another type Made him buy her all the things she liked I learned a lot about ...
17-10-17 17:02:05 | by Josuel
Isang tula para ka...
Nang ikay unang masilayan Mundo koy nag iba Mundo koy naging makulay Na parang bang nasa langit Sa isip koy sana ikaw na Na sanay tayo na balang araw Ngunit, akala koy ganoon lang Akala koy madali lang isipin Akala koy magiging akin ka...
17-10-17 08:14:44 | by eliza89
Isang araw dumating Ang teacher ni Juan sa bahay nila tumakbo sya sa Lolo nya Juan:Lolo magtago kayo andyan ung teacher ko Lolo:bakit ako magtatago ?? Juan:limang araw ako d pumasok Sabi ko patay na kayo , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,...
17-10-17 03:47:43 | by Rhaydel
JUAN: Lasing ba ako kagabi? PEDRO: Hindi naman. JUAN: Ano ginawa ko kagabi? PEDRO: Wala naman masyado. Nilagay mo lang naman sa blender yung cellphone ko at sinabi mong gumagawa ka ng "apple juice". Tinanong mo lang naman ang...
17-10-16 21:26:06 | by dhagreat1
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