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Madami dito yan sana enjoy-enjoy lng wlang abusuhan pare-pareho lng nmn tayong naglilibang at nasisiyahan :)
13-08-03 16:08:15 | by -venus-
I'm missing you tonight more than you could know and I'll be feeling better soon as we are together I'm hearing your voice in my head saying, "I miss you too." heard from you last night... but now you are so fa...
13-08-03 15:57:27 | by shykulit
(Couple)Make it re...
Bakit di n lng totohanin ang lahat para mging reality ang tinatawag na "CHAT LOVE"?
13-08-03 15:43:41 | by -venus-
After what u've done.. I will nEver let u bRoke mY heart again... MiNahal kiTa at naniWala saU.. BUt tnx for giving me the chance to find someone better than yoU
13-08-03 15:42:32 | by Switkiller
No to Game
Dont play for LOVE in the end you'll never know LOVE will play on you
13-08-03 15:15:37 | by Mstalker
di bA!
hindi mo mararanasan ang Tunay na Ligaya, kung hindi ka makakatikim ng Konting Problema
13-08-03 15:07:15 | by saunhako
You may be deceived if you trust too much, but you will live in torment if you don't trust enough...
13-08-03 14:52:01 | by Rose1471
Sex or Love
Words that may bother you all the time. In this generation, other people are interested on marriage not because of love but primarily of sex. It has been proven all around the world, but the question that lies beneath "Is SEX n...
13-08-03 14:51:10 | by Moose
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